“Growing Tualatin” housing presentation for Tualatin BAC

Tualatin’s housing shortage is only one piece of a broader regional problem. Like many complex social challenges, there aren’t any “silver bullets” — answers that will fix everything at once. Fortunately, there are many policy makers, researchers, and community members working together to identify strategies that can begin to provide more housing options.

This past Monday, Tualatin’s Business Advocacy Council invited Michael Andersen (@andersem), Senior Fellow at the Sightline Institute, to present on the topic of housing in Tualatin. Although Michael isn’t an expert on Tualatin specifically, he contextualized our local housing shortages with the economic trends of Washington County, and then identified the solutions other cities are already applying.

Watch Michael’s presentation embedded above or on Vimeo. There was a good Q&A session too but the video for that was incomplete. You can also read the (machine-generated) full transcript below. Thanks to Joseph Konty for video recording and Tim Garrett at Matchlight Video for post-production work.

If you’d like to learn more about missing-middle housing / residential infill, including its associated practical and social challenges, listen to this Think Out Loud interview with Michael Andersen and Portland city planner Joe Zehnder.

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